Being a firecracker is not easy. Right when the spark of life is lighted, the countdown begins.
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Understand where shadows come from and destroy the monsters you see in them.
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Learn how nature works and fill your garden with colours! Plant, water and grow flowers.
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About Us

We are naive.
We are naive, maybe a little crazy and ingenuous. Even though the world told us not to be, we want to be creative, we feel creative. In spite of data, benefit and measuring, we are just aiming to make games that can be funny by themselves. That’s our main obsession.

So we are always finding out where the game stops being funny to play in order to adjust it. Without an excessive use of artifacts, coins, diamonds, time barriers or gamifications add-ons.

We know it won’t be easy but, remember it, we are naive!

We make games just because we love to, and that’s it. And we want to still be doing that.

We are gamers.
We are naive.

Lluís Antonijuan

Computer engineer

Jordi Antonijuan

User experience: graphic design, music, sound and illustration

Núria Trigueros

Head of educational content


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